Customer Loyalty Programs

A Strategic Incentives Loyalty Program is a long-term, flexible marketing strategy that helps a company define, retain and grow its best customers by communicating, recognizing and rewarding them based on their purchasing behavior.

A Loyalty Program can help a company keep its best customers:

  1. Coming back – again and again
  2. Spending more – on its products and services
  3. Telling their friends – about the company and what it offers

The benefits of an effective Loyalty Program:

– Greatly improved retention of best customers
– A better understanding of customers and what motivates them
– An increase in overall profitability by producing cost-effective long-term relationships
– The maximizing of a ROI in a measurable way
– Growth in market share
– The ability to drive consumer purchasing behavior
– The establishment of a competitive advantage
– The generation of a multi-year revenue stream